January 2, 2013

Lucida White

DIY Youtube Tutorial of the White Blouse
Few weeks ago, we were contacted by one of our favorite Youtube gurus, Letitia from Look Under Here. We were extremely surprised and pleased with her kind words and decided to work on a collaboration video together. I'm not sure why but for some reason we both really feel close to her probably because we lived in Canada for five years before we moved out to the States. I believe Letitia lives in Ontario, and her videos always bring back our unforgettable memories back in Canada :)
As always, we are thankful for the Youtube community. Since the day we joined Youtube, we were able to meet and collaborate with amazing individuals out there. I hope these adventures keep on going till our last breath. Make sure to check our channel to learn how to create your own Peter Pan Collar Blouse. Also, please check out Letitia's channel to learn how to create your own Collar Chain! We must get ready for spring ahead right fashionistas :)?

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  1. omg! this shirt is amazing.. and you made her? omfg, your awesome.. so lovely, really like (:


  2. Wonderful diy I want to know what kind of fabric you used thanks <3<3<3

    1. Thank you:)<3 We used georgette! It’s a bit light and challenging fabric to sew! If you’re a beginner sewer maybe try light cotton instead :) It would be much easier!