November 10, 2015

The Garden of Eden

We wear certain watches for several reasons, and most of the reasons are more complicated than simply, "I need to know a time." Today, it became something more than to simply organize and control life rhythm but to symbolize a sense of good taste and perhaps, affluence. Although, versatility has to do with some part, some wear to reflect their status and achievements in life while others wear as an additional touch of aesthetics. Getting ourselves wristwatches from a "big brand" has never been in our bucket lists since it contradicted from our ideology, "What's the point of buying a luxury watch when they all do the same thing?" Yes, we admit that it would be somewhat nice to stare at something "well known" wrapped around our wrists, but the fact is that, needless to say, there are countless of other great options of luxury watches with price, quality, and style that cannot be ignored. This Volare watch with unique conic shape designed by Mario Nobile has to be our most favorite watch from Klasse 14 collection. The watch is called Volare, which means "Fly" as Mr. Nobile feels truly free when he looks up into the sky and the most appealing symbol of freedom and liberty in nature is the majestic eagle. Beautiful story behind a magnificent piece, this we call it a true luxury timepiece. (Use our code "q2hans" for 12% off your purchase at Klasee14)

November 8, 2015

Blush Me and You

To be honest, it's kinda ironic how I'm posing head shots for cosmetics when I'm nowhere near a "makeup guru" (but secretly head-over-heels for cosmetics) such as Michelle phan and many other amazingly talented makeup artists out there. Plus, we were neither near nor interested in makeup during entire high school years while others our age seemed so flawless with their eyebrows on fleek and lips plumed with glosses. Yes, we were the geek type. But, we gradually found interest in makeup by the time we entered university in LA, and the very first eye shadows we received as a gift from our parents were from Etude House. What we love and still love the most about this brand is that it's light to skin yet has such vibrant pigment which is so suitable for students. It truly feels as if I'm painting my face but not "masking" my face (you get it?).
Well here we created 3 transitional looks which you can watch the tutorial video at our YouTube channel as well. I'll have to say, we had so much fun working on this project! Perhaps, we should create makeup videos often. You agree?

October 27, 2015

A Day with Elma

Bralette - Elma Shop
Before we even knew how to spell bralette correctly, we often asked ourselves why would anyone bother to wear bralette. At that time, bralette simply seemed impractical for daily wear since most of them do not offer as much coverage as regular cup bras. Perhaps due to the way we were raised, having "nipples" picking through a garment seemed somewhat inappropriate. But now we're at that stage of our life where we can't live without comfortable bralette such as this one I'm wearing from Elma Shop. We mostly appreciate the fun we get to have by wearing bralette with different types of fabrics, notions and unique constructions. It's the combination of functionality and aesthetics that drive us to keep on wearing them. And honestly, Elma's handmade lingerie never fails to impress us every single time. 

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October 3, 2015

Fairy Grey

EOS Fairy Grey Lense - Lens Flavors
I've never worn circle lenses before because I was a bit wary, as many say they can damage your eyes. It also terrifies me to think that I have to stick something inside my eyes. I even required help from both mom and Qjin to tug my upper and lower lids to put them on! I was a little skeptical about how this light grey lens from Lens Flavors would blend on my eyes as I have relatively dark brown eyes. Plus I didn't want to look like anime as I've seen several circle lenses that have distinct lines where the color stops, making it very obvious that I am wearing a color lens. But this one seemed very natural. It blended perfectly with my natural eyes. I couldn't be happier with the result! I guess my first time wearing circle lenses was a success!

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September 18, 2015


DIY Bandeau - Q2HAN
This simple white bandeau top has been one of our favorite DIY projects this summer. It's comfortable to wear for the beach, picnic, yacht and BBQ parties or to simply survive through the heat wave (especially those living in the sunny side of California). We used half a yard of nylon fabric with generous amount of stretch. Watch our YouTube tutorial video for a better assistance! xx

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September 12, 2015

Fashion Week San Diego: Culinary Couture

White Dresses - Jack Meets Kate
Several weeks ago, we attended Fashion Week San Diego's 2nd Annual Culinary Couture event at Harrah's Resort Southern California where we had the privilege to enjoy six courses of meals inspired by the world's top fashion capitals (Bangkok, Monaco, Buenos Aires, San Diego, Tokyo, and Barcelona) created by five of San Diego's finest chefs. Despite the fact that we're dedicated vegans, we were eager to attend the event again this year since we didn't want to miss out on another artsy and creative presentation of each courses, and the energy among people who shared the same interests and passion towards FWSD. Qwon and I wore this white turtleneck crop top with matching skirt and a crisscross dress from Jack Meets Kate's SS 2016 collection. They were the perfect head-to-toe white outfits that helped us stand out from the dark rich mystic purple setting of the event. One of the comfiest body-con dresses we've ever worn, and loved the grommet details around the waist and the skirt. 

There's only three weeks left for FWSD's first night of designer runway shows, but sadly we won't be able to attend this year as we are heading back to Korea for good in two days. Regardless, it has been a pleasure supporting FWSD and our support continues wherever we go (perhaps, we'll be back for the show next year!). What we admire the most about FWSD is its dynamism and endless support of emerging designers and entrepreneurs from both local and around the world. It's not just a week of runway shows like NYFW, but it's a whole year of events; they are unstoppable. And it has been a pleasure being part of such an amazing team during our stay in California and will continue to be a pleasure. 

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September 10, 2015

KOHL'S: Be Yourself

Head to Toe - Kohl's
To dress to impress, or to dress to be yourself, that is the question. We would love to say that outfit does not matter, but it's the inside that counts. But in reality, especially in the world of high school that marks the beginning of an epidemic of identity crisis and social pressure, it is not! Let's be honest. As a young teenager, we mostly judge our peers by their looks- what they wear and how they look. We establish ourselves through prestige: wearing the latest trend and having the right possessions. Subsequently, by finding common things, we could at least easily start a conversation and relate to one another. We admit that we've done it ourselves, and are definitely not proud about it. 

But now that we've become more mature, thinking back, what truly matters is to feel comfortable in what you wear and simply be yourself. Yes, be yourself. The term might be the most overused advice of all time, but it is the absolute truth. So, we partnered with Kohl's to build our personality piece by piece via different styles of garments and accessories starting with a black t-shirt as a foundation piece. We went for an overall cozy looks by playing with denims, checkered prints, and cardigan, topped off with comfy ankle boots for each.

Sometimes, ask yourself whether or not any of what you're wearing are true to yourself. Stop pretending or wishing you were someone else, because you never know who might be looking at you right now wishing they were you. Good luck on back to school & remember to be yourself! xx

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September 5, 2015

JORD Watch: Cora Series

Wristwatch - JORD / Top- Jack Meets Kate
Autumn took too long to get here in California. But with slightly cool breeze passing through the curtains during the morning and the need to have light cardigan on shoulders during the evening, it's safe to say that autumn has finally arrived. This Cora watch in Koa & Rose Gold from Jord also contributes to the arrival of autumn. We love this finely grained golden Koa wood wrist with rich rose centerpiece that almost mimics the beautiful fall sunset. We were definitely impressed by the quality and uniqueness of "wood-made" wristwatch. It's such a staple accessory to add a little personality to the outfit. I paired up the watch with this gorgeously printed light top from Jack Meets Kate's S/S 2016 collection, skinny jeans, and my trusty old black ankle boots that practically goes with any fall outfits I wear. Happy September all xx

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Wood Watches by JORD

August 27, 2015

Stevie and Quinn

Stevie Top & Quinn Skirt - Jack Meets Kate
For upcoming fall this year, menagerie of spotted prints cannot only be found on wild animals, but in your closet as well. Bold and timeless; these are the two adjectives that perfectly define the Stevie top which I'm indulging myself with in. While it may be tempting to chase the latest trends that are quick and go, once in a while give yourself an attention to animal prints that are captivating, intriguing, impeccably groomed, but most of all, season-less. Depending on various occasions, choose a bold (such as pleather Quinn skirt I'm wearing) or subtle way to incorporate the pattern into your look. But in most cases, I go for bold. xx

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August 25, 2015

Jack Meets Kate

Parker Dress & Ryder Biker Jacket- Jack Meets Kate
Effortless rocker chic with a touch of edgy and sexiness; these are the perfect terms that embody whom Jack Meets Kate is. Several days ago, we had the privilege to meet a group of passionate members behind the JMK in downtown LA. As we went through their f/w 2015 collection, we immediately fell in love with the bold-chicness of the designs. Speaking of designs, we were also impressed with the versatility of the pieces. This particular Parker Dress can be worn as a dress attachment at the waist or worn separately as a crop top and high-waist mini-skirt. It's definitely a practical piece to add a range of option to your wardrobe. It's not so much of secrete that the way we dress often alter how we feel underneath. Such phenomenon was inevitable when wearing Parker Dress in passionate red and Ryder Biker Jacket in bold black. It was a familiar sensation that manifests attributes, such as confidence and power. This is, so to speak, a power dressing that can definitely come in handy for bringing out the best versions of you. 

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August 14, 2015

Dear Bryant

Bryant Bralette - True & Co
The more we wear bralettes from True & Co, the more we fall in love with (literally obsessed). We love the sweetheart neckline with lace trims on this Bryant bralette, which is great for light coverage under sheer tops. We've tried four bralettes & sports bra from True & Co so far and each of them exceeded our expectation. They are elegant and comfortable at the same time, which is all we ask for when it comes to intimate wear. It's that simple.

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