February 13, 2013

Go Backless

DIY Backless Dress Youtube Tutorial
We won't lie. Backless designs are something we don't normally prefer to "actually" wear. Sure we do love incorporating backless into our designs, but not for something we would often wear and go out with. Nonetheless, we decided to challenge ourselves. Besides, Letitia, from Lookunderhere, would die anything for backless! (Check out her Youtube channel to see how she stylized our dress).
Well, midterm weeks are around the corner. Sigh... Hopefully we would be able to upload new video by next week! By the way Happy New Year guys :) May your New Year be filled with joy, happiness, and success. Cheers! xx

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  1. what kind of fabric would you recommend for this piece? Its looks as though the top is a chiffon, is the bottom made of a cotton jersey?

    1. we're so sorry about the late replay! been busy with midterms :p
      Your are correct! The top is a chiffon and bottom is a cotton jersey but it kinda has shimmering finishing on the top :)

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