June 26, 2013

Gateway to Paradise

DIY Tassel Clutch Bag Tutorial
Although there are seldom occasions for us to hold clutch bags, they are one of our favorite accessories. A a cousin of the handbag and the purse, there is something about the clutch bag that always does a great job in transforming the overall looks chic and well put together at the same time. Here I'm wearing a light weighted soft silk floral blouse with a mandarin collar from fashiontrendsin. Floral prints seems to be never out of trend! I paired with a white denim to accentuate the juicy colors of the blouse. Also, to keep it simple, I wore a nude open toe wedge heel.

Blouse- Fashiontrendsin / Jeans- Similar / Heels- Similar / Clutch Bag- DIY
 If the beading is time consuming, try going with elaborate prints or sequined fabrics. We also recommend going with large gemstones rather than small beads because this tutorial actually took quite a while to come to an end. You can also make it into smaller sizes and use it as a wallet or a pouch for holding cosmetics. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you Eleanor :) I love your style as well! Love all the simplicity :)

  2. I absolutely adore this look. I really like the floral shirt with the distressed white jeans. It kind of gives it a edgy sophisticated look. :)