June 6, 2013

Stars and Flowers

YouTube Tutorial of DIY Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt
 If you follow fashion bloggers, you might've noticed at least one of them wearing Zara's asymmetrical wrap skort. We fell in love with the wrapping detail, so we decided to take full advantage of it and created our own version of wrap skirt with little twist by adding a metallic zipper. By the way, we've coordinated three looks of the skirt with items provided by buy3a,com, so definitely check their website!
When choosing the fabric, try going for fabric that has a bit of elasticity for an extra comfort. For us, we went with denim fabric with generous amount of spandex that allowed us to move our legs freely inside the skirt. We also recommend trying silver metal zipper rather than a gold. Aim-high and dream big!

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