November 22, 2013

That Time Of The Year

DIY Thanksgiving Backless Dress YouTube Tutorial
We are aware of the fact that Thanksgiving is a huge tradition in Western society. But for us, it wasn't such a big event where families have to gather around, have big portion of dinner, and share what they felt most thankful about during the year at the end of the day. On top of that, our entire family resides in Korea; therefore, the only family we've got here in SoCal is each other. Then we came to realize how thankful and blessed we were to have each other. As you guys have already noticed, we are extremely close (and I mean extreme guys). We know what is going on in each of our lives: the good and the bad times, the dirty little secrets, the insecurities… you name it! And again we are extremely grateful to have each other this year, striving towards the same goals that we've made five years ago. 
Jewelries- Gemorie / Dress- Q2HAN / Heels- Topshop
We again had the privilege to collaborate with Gemorie for the second series of video. For this tutorial we used heavy weighted polyester-cotton blend fabric that has no stretch. We personally prefer working with non-stretch fabric, but you are more than welcome to use ones with stretchiness as long as the fabric has certain degree of stiffness to hold the shape of the dress. Hope you ladies and gents have a wonderful and memorial be time with your loved ones next week! xx

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