January 15, 2014

Keep It Simple and Warm

DIY Box Pleat Skirt YouTube Tutorial
One of the most things that we love about box pleat skirt is its refined detail. Every line is aligned perfectly straight from each other, which gives this polished and clean look. And i  guess that is why many school uniforms consist of box pleated skirts (at least here in Asia). So we decided to design our own version of box pleat skirt with a heavy wool material which is perfect for a current weather in South Korea. 
Shirt- Banggood / Box Pleated Skirt- Q2HAN / Necklace- ShopLately
I'm wearing this beautifully colored light indigo cotton shirt from Banggood. Whenever we purchase a bottom down shirt, we always happen to choose the one that is a one size larger than our normal size. It's not only more comfortable, but it usually ends up looking better on us compared to the ones that fit close to our skin. 

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  1. Amazing photos and really good post ;)
    Kisses <3


  2. You are so lovely and chic!

    nana @ villegas

  3. I love the skirt! Are you going to do a tutorial on how to make it? :)

    xxDenysia Yu

    1. we already did :) Please click on the link to the skirt!

  4. You two are my sewing savior. Oh I just watched the same tutorial on the youtube and I don't understand anything. Thanks for make this cute tutorial easy to do.


    1. Thanks Anny :) Glad this tutorial was helpful for you! <3

  5. I really love the simple yet sophisticated look of this skirt! I love all your DIY's. They're what really helped me get into sewing so thank you ^^ you look really chic in this!