January 1, 2014

Laced Up In South Korea

DIY Laced-Up Khaki Pants
Happy new year everyone! It’s been a long time since the last video and it still feels surreal to be here in Korea with our families. On top of that, we can’t wait to show you the bits and bits of our country! For this week’s tutorial, we designed a laced-up pants that was inspired by Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M. By simply adding grommets on the side seams of the trouser, it created this mixture of boho chic with rock ‘n’ roll vibe. You will need 1 yard of twill fabric with moderate amount of spandex in order to easily move within the pants. You will also need black grommets and strings for this tutorial.
Outerwear- Sheinside / Pants- Q2HAN / Rings- Shoplately / Boots- Gap
In terms of the outfit, I’m wearing this extremely soft and cozy coat from Sheinside. What's most interesting about this coat is that it is a denim jacket with faux fur sleeves attached to it. The inside of the denim is also coated with wool, which is a plus for an extra warmth during current weather in South Korea. Trying to get used to cold weather is very challenging after living so long in warm SoCal. But luckily, this jacket kept me warm throughout the film, and from the airport to Korea.

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