April 4, 2014

Back to California & Jemulet

We're back to sunny side of California! It feels great to be back, but on the other hand, we miss our families and warm home cooked meals and laughter around the corner of the house. Nevertheless, the good news is that we came back home with this cute lavender Sterling Silver Hamsa Charm Bracelet sent from Jemulet in our mailbox. It says that Hamsa means "five" which symbolize protection, and thought to bring happiness to all who wear it. It is made in Italy, and we are in love with intricate details and adjustable features :)

Top- Sheinside / Bracelet- Jemulet / Bag- Louis Quatorze / Glasses- Ed Hardy / Shoes- Rosewholesale
One of the things we've realized through the past three months of trip is to never take single moment for granted; no matter how trivial it may seems. Every moment is an opportunity given to us that someone out there is desperately seeking for. Through our road trips, we had the most longest and serious conversation together, plus removed and added couple of bullet-points from our bucket lists and it feels greater than ever. As someone said, take a chance and live life to the fullest!

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  1. love the shirt :)


  2. I really like the contrast you made with the to and the bottom, it is so pretty! <3

  3. love the monochrome effect of the outfit! the shoes are so nice :)