April 28, 2014

Safety Zone

Dress- Ich22 / Heels- Shoplately / Bucket Bag- Q2HAN / Cardigan- Sheinside
It's a bit early to introduce another DIY accessory according to our schedule; nevertheless, we decided to create this cute and simple bucket bag for all those bag lovers out there. Again, I am wearing this unique two-piece dress from Ich22 that we both are head over heels with. The fact that it is a two-piece, it is extremely versatile and despite the unique and elaborate patterns on the pieces, it isn't too overbearing to the eyes because of the soft and subtle hues. For the second look, we decided to call it girly & flirty, because it is all about accentuating femininity of the look. We are both obsessed with the bold style line on the shoulder, but if you want to show less skin, try tossing on a sheer and light cardigan over your shoulders. To slightly toughen up the look, we decided to go with this spike ankle strap sandals from Shoplately. 

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