October 17, 2014

Dainty and Bold

Earrings- Dainty and Bold
We could be dainty yet we could be bold. This statement Feather Drop Earring speaks for itself: it's dainty and bold. You could express so many personalities and style just by having that precious gem dangling on your ears. There's something about bling that gravitates our attention. Sometimes, in fact most of the time for us, it is those small pieces that finish the entire outfit of the day. We are identical twins; we share the same interests, same passion, and literally same "everything". Yet, we have subtle differences in taste, especially when it comes to fashion and accessories. As the team of three sisters at Dainty and Bold said, we are "bound by blood and birth, so alike and yet so different in so many ways".

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  1. I love these earrings and photos of you gorgeous girls!