July 16, 2015

In Your Own Skin

Detoxifying Facial Mask- Truself Organics 
We all have our favorite beauty rituals, and for us face mask has always been an important part of it. It's simple yet an effective remedy for not only to sooth dry skin from this so-called record-breaking heat of So-Cal's, but also to detoxify our skin and to pull out impurities. We used to, or perhaps still, have oily face and acne has always been a huge lump in our life. Of course, we still experience breakouts, but we were able to minimize it through homemade facial masks that our mom introduced to us. Since then, we have become a devoted "mask-er" which is why we were delighted to have a chance to try out Detoxifying Facial Mask from Truself Organics. What we like most about the product is that it is carefully handmade with all natural ingredients. YES, no artificial dyes or synthetic fragrance but only property blend of natural clays! We definitely experienced reduction of redness and oiliness around our face. Overall, we definitely recommend to try out the mask to treat your face by cleansing out the toxin from daily life once in a while.

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