August 25, 2015

Jack Meets Kate

Parker Dress & Ryder Biker Jacket- Jack Meets Kate
Effortless rocker chic with a touch of edgy and sexiness; these are the perfect terms that embody whom Jack Meets Kate is. Several days ago, we had the privilege to meet a group of passionate members behind the JMK in downtown LA. As we went through their f/w 2015 collection, we immediately fell in love with the bold-chicness of the designs. Speaking of designs, we were also impressed with the versatility of the pieces. This particular Parker Dress can be worn as a dress attachment at the waist or worn separately as a crop top and high-waist mini-skirt. It's definitely a practical piece to add a range of option to your wardrobe. It's not so much of secrete that the way we dress often alter how we feel underneath. Such phenomenon was inevitable when wearing Parker Dress in passionate red and Ryder Biker Jacket in bold black. It was a familiar sensation that manifests attributes, such as confidence and power. This is, so to speak, a power dressing that can definitely come in handy for bringing out the best versions of you. 

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