January 22, 2013

In the Back of My Head

We admit that Downtown LA is one of the most crowded and noisy place to live (tell me about "traffic"). As a person who lived in Vancouver for half  a decade where there are seldom traffic noises but constant sounds of birds chirping and the wind passing through deciduous trees, we can't say that we didn't have difficulties getting used to such different surroundings. But we can't deny the fact that DTLA also has one of the most beautiful skyline views, historic buildings, and exquisite foods. Certain time periods that we enjoy here are the sceneries around 4:00pm when the sun starts to fall down or during nighttime. These views from the patio or roof top are just breathtaking. Have you checked the pictures on our Instagram ?
DIY Youtube Tutorial of Cross Black Sweater
It's been about 2 weeks since the school started. And as we've expected, our pace of creating DIYs are slowing down :p But we're trying hard to upload at least once a week. Currently working on a dress and it'll soon to be out! xx

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