May 23, 2013

Black & White

Entire Outfit YouTube Video Here
There have been few trends that were going around in fashion, namely the monochrome stripes, checkered details, as well as nature prints. So we decided to try out these trends with few pieces that were provided by Sheinside. All the links to the garments are on the description box of our YouTube video, so definitely check em' out!
Shorts are must have in hot season, and the stripes made it even better. We loved how it's so stretch and comfortable. To keep the outfit in monochrome, we decided to go with simple chiffon black top with black wedge heel. But we added a bit of color with gold chain necklace from H&M.

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  1. Replies
    1. hey Anny! We've been busy with midterms and school projects, so we didn't have enough time to prepare a DIY this week :( But definitely next week! xx

  2. LOVED! your outfit and the background! Please, visit my blog!

    1. cool blog :) Love your smile :)!! and thank you!