May 17, 2013

Claws & Cut-Outs

Watch the entire outfit video here
 So here is the third outfit from our recent Bold & Statement Outfit Ideas video on YouTube. We especially love this top from SammyDress because of its interesting cut-outs on the elbow and the hem. To exaggerate the unsual hem design, I wore white jeans instead of my normal blue jeans. In an effort to camouflage my short leg... I wore nude colored stiletto from H&M. On top of that, because the overall outfit was in monochrome, I decided to give some pop of colors through accessories such as with my yellow bag and this awesome claw ring.
We're extremely glad to receive so many positive feedback about our current outfit ideas video. Now we're super encouraged to release another outfit video next week. What do you guys think? ay? any? :) xx

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