September 15, 2013

Between 1st & East Street

DIY Skort YouTube Tutorial
From dungarees to oversized denim jackets, 90s trends are continuing to revive, and now skorts have returned and it seems they're going to stick around with us for this autumn. However, the skort of 2013 is nothing like the 90s. It has been polished and reinvented with sharp architectural hemlines that has this enveloped-styled asymmetrical cut. This DIY was one of the most highly requested projects from you guys, so we decided to fulfill your wishes!
Top- Choies / Skort- Q2HAN / Braceletes- ShopLately
Here I'm wearing a gorgeous white top with cutouts around the shoulder from Choies. It has this lovely lotus edged sleeves that instantly add romantic feel to the overall outfit. The flared sleeves are made of much heavier material when compared to the bodice, probably to achieve the voluminous look. One recommendation here is to get one in a one-size large than your normal size, because the shoulder width was a bit small for me. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy the tutorial!

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  1. I'm loving the look !

  2. Replies
    1. thanks so much Milex :) we both very much enjoy your blog! in love with your sense of style

  3. You two are more perfect than I expected. I loved it. Actually, I had already made my first skort without a tutorial (I did everything upside) and made ​​me quite wound, since almost failed. Here a picture of it: Whatever, this tutorial is perfect. I was looking for something to do with tartan fabric and this is the perfect tutorial. Thanks, you two are awesome. And another thing, I sent an email to you two with a request for two tutorials, please could you check your email? I'll be grateful :)

    1. Hey Anny! wow the skirt is amazing! you didn't fail at all ;) very professionally done! and yes, i received the email :) we apologize not responding to you promptly x( It's about the cheerleader baggy jersey shirt right? We can come up with a diy of it as soon as we can :) thanks for the request Anny and keep up the great work♥ xx

  4. The white top is too cute and thanks for the skort tutorial :)

  5. i just discover your channel and your blog around couple months ago and keep my eye on your new post!
    really enjoy every single post you did because its really creative and inspiring as well <3 thank you for sharing and keep inspiring :)

    1. Hey Cindy :) thank you so much! We're so glad you enjoy our posts and tutorials♥
      Keep in touch! xx