September 6, 2013

Double Trouble

DIY Double-Slits Maxi Skirt Tutorial
Most of us are well aware of single split maxi skirts. But now, these skirts are taking the trend to the next level by making it double splits. It's hard to dislike maxi skirts, especially with their gifted camouflage effect that makes your legs so much longer than they actually are. In terms of colors and designs, the styles are limitless and surprisingly easy to wear. One note here is that, if you are plannning to wear your skirts mostly with high heels, make sure to consider the height of your heels when determining the length for your final skirts.
Jacket- Sheinside / Heels- Mart of China / Sunglasses- Vagabond Youth
As always, we coordinated two outfits with the skirt. Really, the only differences between the two outfits are change in the color of the jacket from Sheinside and the hair accessories. We especially loved how the lace material of the jacket and the eyelet details on the maxi skirts really made the entire looks cohesive. The skirt has built-in shorts inside for extra safety and comfort. it also has a metal zipper closure at the center back.

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