November 1, 2013

Little Black Dress

DIY Little Black Dress YouTube Tutorial
Since 1926 when Coco Chanel first introduced the little black dress, it became the essence of timeless fashion. Thanksgiving is around the corner this month and we thought this would be a great chance to create our own little black dress for the family gatherings and parties. It's a sleeveless one-piece dress with a slit on the back with geometric shapes around the chest to give a little twist as well. It's always great to challenge yourself and experiment with different techniques when it comes to designing. You are more capable than you think you are!
Jacket- Sheinside / Dress- Q2HAN / Heels- Topshop / Bracelets- Shoplately
I'm wearing a black rider jacket from Sheinside which has insane amount of intricate details. What I most like about this jacket is how light the material actually is. Simply toss it on your shoulder and it'll instantly take your entire look to the next level of chicness. Also, try adding some colors with jewelries. For the shoes, I went with Topshop's Gatsby snake shoe that we are madly in love with. Hunter green is one of Fall hottest color trends, so try looking for items that are in hunter greens or similar to green hues such as khaki.

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