October 26, 2013

Halloween Angel & Devil (Ft. Gemorie)

DIY Angel Halloween Costume YouTube Tutorial
Recently we've been busy collaborating with a jewelry company called Gemorie which specializes in "Everyday Fine Jewelries." They call it bridge jewelries because it bridges between the fashion and high-end jewelries in terms of both price and style. Great thing about their lines is that they provide high-end qualities with diamonds and gemstones that are actually affordable. Only natural stones are used to create their pieces so that it can last a lifetime, and it's a great way to receive high qualities jewelries without having to break the bank.
We designed two Halloween dresses, one as an Angel and the other as Devil. Make sure to check out our YouTube video to learn how to make your own beautiful Angel costume! We had awesome time and it was a pleasure working with Gemorie. As much as we had fun shooting this film, we hope you guys have a great and safe Halloween this year. Have fun! xx

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  1. Gorgous dress, I'm definitely watching the tutorial. Also I want to say that you are very beautiful and delicate!


    1. thank you so much Dilyana :) You are so sweet <3