April 9, 2014

All Eyes On Me

Sweater- Romwe / Jacket- Sheinside / Leggings- Romwe / Boots- Gap
Busan is the second largest metropolis in Korea after Seoul, and it is most well known for the nearby beach called Haeundae. We decided to stay here at the Sea Cloud Hotel for two days right next to the beach just to relax and have a quality time with our families. By the way, please excuse our late post on this particular one. We know that some of you might be aware of this outfit from our Instagram post long ago, and you might melt yourself down by covering up your body with all these warm and thick cotton/velvet pieces in California. But we never did have a chance to post it up due to our hectic schedules back then errghh. Never mind, let's just say we were super lazy.

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