April 14, 2014

"If" Coachella 2014

Shoulder Bag- Trendy Blendy / Kimono Cardigan- Q2HAN / Boots- Aldo / Sunglasses- Ed Hardy
Believe it or not, it's been a little more than half a decade that we've been living in California, but not even once have we ever attended Coachella. Tsk tsk... Well watch our for Coachella 2015, because we swore ourselves that no matter what type of obstacles we may encounter (even if I happen to break my leg or drop my precious laptop and ruin my entire day), we are heading for Coachella next year! By the way, lately we both have been obsessed with this handy shoulder bag from Trendy Blendy. We literally exchange and take turns carrying it! The great thing about it is that there are so many zippers and pockets to carry things, which is one of the key features that we always seek for when it comes to bags. Well, hope you enjoy this kimono cardigan tutorial! xx

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