April 19, 2014

Big Dream Big Heart with ICH22

Two-Piece Dress- Ich22 / Bucket Bag- Q2HAN / Boots- Rosewholesale
Earlier this month, we both were fortunate enough to meet and visit some of the most amazing teams at their showroom located at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles called, Ich22. We listened to their big ambition and goals and how they are working hard towards providing a sturdy base for young and emerging designers and artists out there. Ich22 is not just a normal clothing store, it shares deep stories embedded within the works of various designers and artists, while offering comprehensive collection of designer apparel and accessories to suit every style and occasion. We chose this two-piece dress, which is extremely versatile to pair up with other various clothing items. We will be sharing two more outfits coordinated with the dress on our YouTube channel next week along with this DIY Bucket Bag by yours truly. We simply wanted to unlock the first look before releasing the video just to tease you guys ;) xx

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  1. I love the two piece :)


  2. great look! really love your blog!
    following you hun<3


  3. I just find your blog, I love the design and styles you use! I follow you. I leave my blog for you to follow me. a hug :) http://diaryofarockerheart.blogspot.com/