April 17, 2014

Glow In The Dark with Vanity Planet

"Spin for Perfect Skin" Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush- VANITYPLANET
We both are a firm believer that the best practice to a glowing and acne free skin is to properly cleans and exfoliate the face. Many of you lovelies asked us how we maintain such clean and glowing skin. However, in the past, we both had a problem with severe acne. On top of that, believe it or not, we are both allergic to sun. With such highly sensitive skin, living in the sunny and dry region of California was challenging during first several years. However, with years and years of practice of properly cleansing our face, eating healthy fruits, and drinking water and sleeping regularly, we were able to weather such obstacles. Last month, we were contacted by VANITYPLANET to try out their cleansing brush called "Spin for Perfect Skin". The package not only comes with one cleansing brush, but it also includes exfoliating facial brush, body brush, and pumice stone as well. The results so far are satisfying! They were kind enough to provide our readers with a discount coupon code (Q4SPIN10) so don't miss your chance for a glowing skin! xx

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