September 5, 2015

JORD Watch: Cora Series

Wristwatch - JORD / Top- Jack Meets Kate
Autumn took too long to get here in California. But with slightly cool breeze passing through the curtains during the morning and the need to have light cardigan on shoulders during the evening, it's safe to say that autumn has finally arrived. This Cora watch in Koa & Rose Gold from Jord also contributes to the arrival of autumn. We love this finely grained golden Koa wood wrist with rich rose centerpiece that almost mimics the beautiful fall sunset. We were definitely impressed by the quality and uniqueness of "wood-made" wristwatch. It's such a staple accessory to add a little personality to the outfit. I paired up the watch with this gorgeously printed light top from Jack Meets Kate's S/S 2016 collection, skinny jeans, and my trusty old black ankle boots that practically goes with any fall outfits I wear. Happy September all xx

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Wood Watches by JORD