September 10, 2015

KOHL'S: Be Yourself

Head to Toe - Kohl's
To dress to impress, or to dress to be yourself, that is the question. We would love to say that outfit does not matter, but it's the inside that counts. But in reality, especially in the world of high school that marks the beginning of an epidemic of identity crisis and social pressure, it is not! Let's be honest. As a young teenager, we mostly judge our peers by their looks- what they wear and how they look. We establish ourselves through prestige: wearing the latest trend and having the right possessions. Subsequently, by finding common things, we could at least easily start a conversation and relate to one another. We admit that we've done it ourselves, and are definitely not proud about it. 

But now that we've become more mature, thinking back, what truly matters is to feel comfortable in what you wear and simply be yourself. Yes, be yourself. The term might be the most overused advice of all time, but it is the absolute truth. So, we partnered with Kohl's to build our personality piece by piece via different styles of garments and accessories starting with a black t-shirt as a foundation piece. We went for an overall cozy looks by playing with denims, checkered prints, and cardigan, topped off with comfy ankle boots for each.

Sometimes, ask yourself whether or not any of what you're wearing are true to yourself. Stop pretending or wishing you were someone else, because you never know who might be looking at you right now wishing they were you. Good luck on back to school & remember to be yourself! xx

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