October 27, 2015

A Day with Elma

Bralette - Elma Shop
Before we even knew how to spell bralette correctly, we often asked ourselves why would anyone bother to wear bralette. At that time, bralette simply seemed impractical for daily wear since most of them do not offer as much coverage as regular cup bras. Perhaps due to the way we were raised, having "nipples" picking through a garment seemed somewhat inappropriate. But now we're at that stage of our life where we can't live without comfortable bralette such as this one I'm wearing from Elma Shop. We mostly appreciate the fun we get to have by wearing bralette with different types of fabrics, notions and unique constructions. It's the combination of functionality and aesthetics that drive us to keep on wearing them. And honestly, Elma's handmade lingerie never fails to impress us every single time. 

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  1. such a pretty bralette <3


  2. You look so cute. Love your bralette

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