November 8, 2015

Blush Me and You

To be honest, it's kinda ironic how I'm posing head shots for cosmetics when I'm nowhere near a "makeup guru" (but secretly head-over-heels for cosmetics) such as Michelle phan and many other amazingly talented makeup artists out there. Plus, we were neither near nor interested in makeup during entire high school years while others our age seemed so flawless with their eyebrows on fleek and lips plumed with glosses. Yes, we were the geek type. But, we gradually found interest in makeup by the time we entered university in LA, and the very first eye shadows we received as a gift from our parents were from Etude House. What we love and still love the most about this brand is that it's light to skin yet has such vibrant pigment which is so suitable for students. It truly feels as if I'm painting my face but not "masking" my face (you get it?).
Well here we created 3 transitional looks which you can watch the tutorial video at our YouTube channel as well. I'll have to say, we had so much fun working on this project! Perhaps, we should create makeup videos often. You agree?