November 10, 2015

The Garden of Eden

We wear certain watches for several reasons, and most of the reasons are more complicated than simply, "I need to know a time." Today, it became something more than to simply organize and control life rhythm but to symbolize a sense of good taste and perhaps, affluence. Although, versatility has to do with some part, some wear to reflect their status and achievements in life while others wear as an additional touch of aesthetics. Getting ourselves wristwatches from a "big brand" has never been in our bucket lists since it contradicted from our ideology, "What's the point of buying a luxury watch when they all do the same thing?" Yes, we admit that it would be somewhat nice to stare at something "well known" wrapped around our wrists, but the fact is that, needless to say, there are countless of other great options of luxury watches with price, quality, and style that cannot be ignored. This Volare watch with unique conic shape designed by Mario Nobile has to be our most favorite watch from Klasse 14 collection. The watch is called Volare, which means "Fly" as Mr. Nobile feels truly free when he looks up into the sky and the most appealing symbol of freedom and liberty in nature is the majestic eagle. Beautiful story behind a magnificent piece, this we call it a true luxury timepiece. (Use our code "q2hans" for 12% off your purchase at Klasee14)


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