October 14, 2013

Fit and Flare

DIY Fit & Flare Skirt YouTube Tutorial
Most notably displayed at Chanel's Haute Couture F/W 13 runway, this fit-and-flare skirt is fitted at the top portion, but flares out gracefully from the bottom portion of the skirt. You may consider it similar to a peplum skirt! It creates a very flattering silhouette, and has been spotted literally everywhere in the fashion media. This ladylike trend is appropriate for night out, special occasions or simply a day to the office.
Blouse- DressLink / Jewelries- ShopLately / Skirt- Q2HAN / Bag- Vintage / Heels- Zara
Here, I'm wearing a leopard-pattenred button down blouse from DressLink. The texture is almost like a mixture of soft cotton with hints of velvety polyester. We loved the way how the colors of the leopard pattern compliments the blue skirt. Lastly, we finished the outfit with a touch of white. If you want more dramatic silhouette, slash and spread the ruffles wider to give an extra volume. Also, play around with different textures and patterns of fabrics such as lace or faux leather.

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  1. so interesting! :) i like the bright blue, too.


  2. Love the combination of the leopard print and the blue :)

  3. Looks so easy to do! You two are going to ruin me, oh I need money for fabric and other things.
    LOL, no just kidding, thanks for making me see that sewing is easy and funny :)
    I still hate my sewing machine for no sew zippers right, but whatever!


  4. Love the skirt and sunnys, very gorgeus! <3
    Anyway, want to follow each other ? Just let me know ;;)

    Visit mine: