October 4, 2013

Touch of Colors (Chictopia Giveaway)

DIY Camisole Dress YouTube Tutorial
Recently we're both craving for anything with camisole style, and there is something about this simple design suspending on a string makes the outfit look so effortless and chic. These types of styles are often perceived  as summer pieces, but we believe it can also be worn during colder seasons when paired with the right fashion items. Rather than going with the conventional opening and closure, we decided to give a little twist by replacing it with eyelets, just like the ones that you normally see on a bustier/bralette. Also, the shoulder strings are adjustable by tying them low or high, based on your preference.
Scarf- Mink Pink / Camisole Dress- Q2HAN / Bracelets- ShopLately
Scarf is a must have during colder season, and with the dress, I'm wearing this beautifully abstract colored scarf from Mink Pink that you can find it from Chictopia. One of our favorite ways of wearing a scarf is toning down the colors of the entire outfit, so that the colors of the scarfs would only stand out; and this look is a great representation of that. I finished off the look with a rider jacket and a boots from Gap. Although it's not yet freezing cold in SoCal, when the weather becomes cooler, I can simply toss on a heavy sweater on top with leggins and beanie!

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  1. Cute outfit !

  2. I never comment but your DIY are beautiful. I watch all your videos.. You're really really good.
    & you have a great "sense of style". Keep going :)
    (You live in LA, right ? This city looks amazing !)

    xx from France (sorry for my bad english aha) !

    1. thank you so much :) <3 yes we do live in LA!
      So lucky you're living in France! one of the most beautiful places :)